Corporate Director (C.Dir)

Engineer, Polytechnique

Executive Coach, Member of ICF and SICPNL

Strategic Advisor


« Unlocking Potential , Inspiring Innovation »


A dedicated and multidisciplinary professional, my passion for the scientific and the business worlds is combined with a great curiosity for understanding behavior, emotions, vital energy and effective interpersonal communication.

My interest is as much in systems, innovation and technologies as in the human aspect, team dynamics and different forms of intelligence, including collective intelligence.

An eternal learner, I accumulate diplomas in disciplines that are rarely juxtaposed, thus merging an astonishing and singular (even unusual and surprising) set of skills and experiences to put at your service.

A graduate of the École Polytechnique and with more than 30 years of management experience. My career includes, among other things, the role of consultant within one of the prestigious Big 8 firms (now Big 4) as well as various high-level positions in the manufacturing sector.

Certified Corporate Director, ASC and Executive Coach, I wish to bring a perspective combining Strategic Vision and humanity to support each leader towards lasting success.

Professional Activities

– 1 –

Member of the Institute of Company Directors (ICD) and active on Boards of Directors, I like to contribute by working alongside pioneers, leaders, entrepreneurs and executives who use their talents and enthusiasm to imagine and create the future.

The emergence of solutions resulting from advances in science (cognitive, quantum physics, epigenetics, AI, robotics, etc.) and technological innovations is a source of fascination.

– 2 –

I founded Evolutrek inc., a boutique firm specializing in Executive Coaching and applied Neuroscience in management, leadership and governance — leveraging neuroplasticity.

My goal is to help senior leaders build a promising future and facilitate changes leading to the success of their organization in the short, medium and long term.

– 3 –

Qilucru, the Vitality Division, offers workshops and exclusive stays in SPA Destination.

By experimenting with healthy lifestyle habits (anti-inflammatory diet, movement, emotions, healthy relationships and environment, sleep, etc.) — or learning the latest advances in Epigenetics, these Health Retreats promote daily energy.

Who would have thought!


  • Connect aspirations and ambitions
  • Stimulate new perspectives
  • Provoke enthusiastic reactions and latent revelations through enriching conversations
  • Open new paths
  • Elicit comments such as: I’ve never seen it like that!
  • Bring out the unexpected, being constructive
  • Spark insights

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