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Executive Coaching


A firm specializing in executive coaching and applied neuroscience in leadership, management and governance.


The company stands out thanks to a handpicked network of collaborators and partners who combine skills and experience; people with heads and hearts who possess cutting-edge expertise and the desire to serve well with awareness, depth and humanity.

ÉVOLUTREK offers the following 6 services:

  • VISION | Strategic coaching
  • NEUROLEADERSHIFT ™ | Customized Executive Coaching
  • INSIGHT | Workshops
  • COLLABORATIONS | Training and publications
  • SÉJOURS-RESSOURCEMENT (the Qilucru division)

EVOLUTREK is aimed at :

  • CEOs, executives
  • Executives, senior executives, managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Leaders with a pioneering spirit
  • Coaches wishing to use neuroscience

“Coaching is like a pit stop in F1”.

– Roxane Vézina


From 2011 to 2013, I was Vice-President and Practice Leader of the Executive Coaching division of a national human resources firm in Canada*.

I transformed the practice to expand the markets served to include executive coaching, integration coaching and group coaching.


Coaching of leaders

Back in 2011, I imagined that corporate executive coaching could become a real talent catalyst, offering incredible leverage for visionary leaders wishing to provide leadership development opportunities for their next generation.

The goal: to create a pipeline of talent for the evolution of organizations and succession plans with a greater probability of success and sustainability.

“Executive coaching, a catalyst for companies”

Article prepared for Le Journal les Affaires in 2012

* In 2012, I was Vice-President and Head of the Executive Coaching Practice at CDC Coaching, now Optimum Talent.  The firm was subsequently sold to Gallagher in 2023.

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