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Strategic Consulting

Helping managers and their teams to develop a vision of the future that inspires mobilization.

Select the strategic thinking and planning process best suited to the company’s situation, for successful deployment.

Facilitate offsite workshops and enable teams to gather brilliant and brilliant ideas — insights — to create the future world to which we collectively want to belong.

Progress towards success, get feedback, follow up to ensure evolution and continuous adaptation.

Strategic coaching | Example of a mandate

Zone Innovation Sherbrooke Quantique, Quebec, Canada

With the retirement of 2 of the 6 founding members of the initiative that led to the designation of the Zone Innovation Sherbrooke Quantique (Josée Fortin and Marie-France Bélanger), the Board of Directors awarded a Phase 1 strategic support mandate to Evolutrek — the firm I manage — to clarify alignments, bring together stakeholders (around 40) and preserve momentum, in this context of succession.

DistriQ is born in 2022

On February 3, 2022, Quebec Premier François Legault designated the first 2 Innovation Zones, as part of the vision presented in the book “Cap sur un Québec gagnant, Le Projet Saint-Laurent”.

  • DistriQ, in Sherbrooke
  • Technum (Technologies Numériques), in Bromont, with the establishment of IBM’s first quantum computer.

In order of appearance:

Roxane Vézina
Founder, Evolutrek inc.

Isabelle Stébenne
Director of Communications and Intergovernmental Relations, DistriQ

Josée Fortin
Interim CEO,
Zone Innovation Sherbrooke Quantique
(until September 2022)

Niels Hagège
Consultant, Evolutrek

Facilitating workshops in Sherbrooke:

Christian Sarra-Bournet
Head of Institut Quantique,
Sherbrooke University

Martin Laforest
Director, Quantum Strategy, ACET

Richard Ares
Director, Institut interdisciplinaire
d’innovation technologique

Philippe Sarret
Director of Institut de pharmacologie
de Sherbrooke
Full Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences,
Université de Sherbrooke (FMSS)

At the Quantum Institute

During the realization of the Phase 1 strategic coaching mandate, for the Zone Innovation Sherbrooke Quantique

Watch | Quantum technology

Qbits Innovation-accelerating ecosystem in Quebec, Canada


Quantum sciences and their technologies herald a revolution in many sectors, including the environment, mobility, health and renewable energy.

Discovering the infinitely small opens the way to a multitude of innovations in sensors, quantum computers, cryptography, cybersecurity, telecommunications, transport (super-conduction) and more.

Researchers in quantum physics and quantum computing with Qbits will continue to amaze us with their discoveries!

Did you know that quantum phenomena underlie photosynthesis?

In the transformation of light into matter that nourishes our cells with vital energy, through the plants in our food.

IQT  – Inside Quantum Technologies

Roxane Vézina,
Olivier Gagnon-Gordillon, directeur, Québec Quantique

IQT Montreal in June 2023, a record attendance with 350 participants.

Part of Quebec’s quantum ecosystem:

INTRIQ, Institut quantique (Université de Sherbrooke), INO, Prompt, PRIMA, Numana, ACET-Banque Nationale, Centech, Entrepreneuriat Laval, Quantino, C2MI and CMC Microsystèmes, Québec Quantique and DistriQ.

Watch | Neuroscience

Emotions, needs and values impact our behavior, relationships and business results.

Neuroscience models applied to leadership that I use and deploy (Neuroleadershift ™) can facilitate effective collaboration through a better understanding of how the brain, nervous system and neurotransmitters work.

The evolution of knowledge about the endocrine system (hormones) and the immune system — our innernet and wireless communication and telecommunication system! — is gradually enabling us to better understand and, ultimately, anticipate interactions between humans, in the office, at work and in the various contexts of life.

Strategic Intelligence | Themes

In order to contribute a holistic perspective to the boards of directors in which I am involved, and to ensure significant added value for my clients in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous) world, I stay on the lookout for innovations by networking with futurists and scientists, leaders, pioneers, entrepreneurs and experts from a variety of fields.

Business and organizations |
The difference that makes the difference

Anticipate and solve business challenges by keeping abreast of trends and transformations in ecosystems, as well as advances in science, technology, and innovation.

Watch topics :

Governance. Coaching. Mentoring. Management. Leadership.

Behavioral sciences. Interpersonal communication.

Ecosystems. Different forms of intelligence.

Evolution of consciousness |
Links between energy, matter and information

The study of theories on consciousness (work by neuroscientists, anesthesiologists, etc.), psycho-neuro-endocrine-immunology (body-brain connection via the vagus nerve, studies on microbiomes, the HPA axis on the stress loop, cortisol, and adrenalin and other neurotransmitters), understanding the Placebo and Nocebo effects, advances in collective and artificial intelligence (AI), as well as research into emotions and energy — via advances in quantum physics — are among my interests and passions.

Watch topics :

Energy. Longevity. Neuroscience. Epigenetics. Vitality.

Panel moderation | Panellist

At a Collège des administrateurs de sociétés event, moderation of a panel on the theme of sustainable leadership.

Strategic Advice | Monitoring


Jean-Claude Poitras, Hélène Lee-Gosselin, André Courville, Roxane Vézina, Bruno Déry, Louise Champoux-Paillé, Jean-Paul Dutrisac, Caroline St-Jacques et André Simard