“I am convinced that a very slight adjustment to the rudder can have a noticeable and major impact on the trajectory of an entire crew.”

Certified professional coach since 2006, member of the ICF and the SICPNL,
Roxane has 30 years of experience in the business world.


President of Evolutrek, she is the 1st graduate of the NeuroLeadership Institute in Eastern Canada (2013), as well as trained at MIT in Neuroscience and Leadership (2015). A Corporate Director (ASC), a graduate of the Collège des administrateurs de sociétés, she is a member of the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), sits on various boards and is involved in governance.

She works with promising executives, managers and professionals who are inventing and creating the future. Passionate about continuous learning that can ‘make the difference that makes the difference’, she remains curious about cutting-edge approaches.

Roxane keeps up to date with discoveries about how the brain works at its best. This helps to transform organizations, foster focus, generate insights, optimize cognitive faculties, listen to intuition, change habits and equip for effective collaboration.

She held the position of Vice-President and Practice Leader, Executive Coaching at CDC Coaching and Optimum Talent in 2011 and 2012 when the founder took over.

She believes in the importance of competence and the links that are forged between real-life experience and a solid academic foundation. Furthermore, she bases her coaching interventions on the following 6 pillars:

    • NeuroLeadership:  Brain decoding and attention to the body’s ecosystem;
    • Consulting: Experience with a major international firm;
    • Management: Various industrial sectors; (manufacturing, distribution, as well as service, media and telecom);
    • Communication:  Assertive, effective, authentic, acutely aware of body language and neuro-semantics;
    • Governance:  Due diligence, executive role in an initial public offering (IPO), member of the executive committee in a listed company, as well as certified corporate director (ASC);
    • Vitality: Sustainable energy and health for Leaders.

An engineering graduate of École Polytechnique de Montréal, she began her career with IBM in 1986. She went on to work as a consultant at Andersen Conseil (Accenture), helping companies such as Johnson & Johnson and Kraft and General Foods improve their competitiveness. Promoted to Vice-President of Strategic Planning, IT and Continuous Improvement at Venmar Broan/NuTone Canada in 1996, she opened plants, implemented management systems and team-based innovation tools based on the “Toyota approach” (LEAN in the USA). After completing an executive program at MIT in 1998 (Managing Global Infrastructures), she took part in the Y2K and Euro conversion project for the Italian division of the Nortek group.

Recruited by EXFO, a telecommunications company, in preparation for the IPO on the TSX and NASDAQ in 2000, she managed logistics, IT and infrastructures, tripling capacity in 7 months, implementing SAP, CRM and an R&D/Operations center to accelerate time-to-market.

An expert in communication (mediation, synergology and non-verbal, post-master NLP and neuro-semantics) and health education, she is passionate about her customers’ success. Her approach is systemic, holistic, but above all human, authentic and enthusiastic about your success!